DJ’s Motivational Mondays | What a Great Team!

11 Jun

DJ’s Motivational Mondays | What a Great Team!

I recently read a quote by Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist for Salesforce, addressing respect and trust within a team.  “We are not a team because we work together.  We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.”

I have been on many teams in my lifetime, sports and in business.  Some have been good teams and one did not win a game.  Winning teams all seem to have a special magic, which makes them successful.  It is easy to look at a winning team and say, “I want that!” However, it takes training and buy in from all involved to create the magic.  We have seen the players of the NBA make some incredible things happen on the courts this season, with no-look passes and passes up by the rim of the basket where someone flies out of nowhere and slam-dunks the basketball.  These players have gone through hours of training and practice to acquire the trust in order to make these plays happen because when they pass the ball, they know their teammate will be there.  The same is true with great business teams.  You have to work together, experience things, and learn how each team member thinks over time to make the magic happen.  It does not happen over-night.

I was able to attend the New Mexico Land Title Association Conference last month and was able to spend some time with John Fox, the Owner and President of Southwestern Title & Escrow.  He was passed the NMLTA President gavel and is now the acting President of the association.  Most of John’s Southwestern Title & Escrow team attended to support him.  I observed as John accepted the gavel, and so eloquently and emotionally appreciated his staff for their work together through his speech.  Their trust, appreciation, and genuine care of one another is the magic that has taken a lot of time to create.  As they smiled and laughed together, I saw how well they knew each other, how close they were, and the pride they share in their company.   Good teams have a common goal; they know that when you score it is an accomplishment of the team. They mesh their skills, plan together and work smart together. They share the credit or blame when the team wins or has a learning moment.  The core is trust.

It is important your relationships within your team center around building trust and respect, the magic ingredient needed to serve your market in a winning manner.   I think John Fox and his team displayed that perfectly.

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