DJ’s Motivational Mondays | Persistent Sales

13 Aug

DJ’s Motivational Mondays | Persistent Sales

At the end of last month’s “Resilient Sales” blog, I talked about when you don’t get the sale. You need to make a plan, move on to the next deal, and then revisit the lost sale again later.  Revisiting the lost sale later will require some persistence, no matter how many times it takes.  In my book, “no” does not mean “no” forever.  It just means now is not the right time, and because of that we do not quit.  Persistence is a course of action, a plan that requires patience, and a little time to allow the deal to reform into something great.  I struggle with patience all the time, which is why I am not a good smoker of meats in my backyard—it just takes too dang long.  Even the reward of juicy barbeque ribs or brisket is difficult to overcome the hours and hours of waiting.  I also struggle with cooking over a real charcoal fire, because that is still too long!  The gas grill is the tool for me—turn it on, turn up the heat, viola… tasty!

The return visits tell your potential client you still care about them and eventually that will be what sells them on you. Persistence is not annoying, it is timed, purpose-driven visits.  They are going to buy from the one they can trust, the one they know, and the one who is persistent enough to wait until the timing is right .  Sales is a whole lot of fun, but you have to be out there visiting with your clients on a regular basis.  Even I need to hear this blog today.  I just returned from a great trip to New Mexico last week and need to remember to stay out there visiting all our wonderful agents. 

I hope this inspires you to get out there and visit some clients.  Have a great month!

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