AGENT SPOTLIGHT: Jonathan Yasko of Entrust Solutions

16 Nov

AGENT SPOTLIGHT: Jonathan Yasko of Entrust Solutions

First National’s agent highlight this month is Jonathan Yasko of Entrust Solutions. What makes this highlight so unique, is not only Entrust an Agent of First National, but Entrust offers a vast array of back office services, solutions and technology to law firms and title agents nationwide.

Entrusts’ number one focus is to assist title insurance professionals in a wide variety of needs. Mr. Yasko stated, “I started off on the Underwriter side and while traveling and covering 25 states over 11 years, it became apparent most, if not all agents, always had a need for something.” Entrust is a licensed title agent in 16 states. “We wanted to take the one-stop-shop approach to our customers offering them support in almost every facet they need.” Entrust currently offers services ranging from escrow account reconciliations to cloud hosting and everything in between.

“What makes First National stand out is their excellent underwriting, fast responses and great customer services,” said Yasko. “Every time I have a question or need some advice, First National is always quick to take my call or email and help us work out a solution to a complex issue.” Entrust has been an agent of First National since September of 2016.

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