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26 Nov

George’s Update | All In

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I hope all of you enjoyed whatever it is that makes you happy and allowed you to reflect on all the things for which you are thankful.

During this time of year, you can have your turkey, family squabbles, football, more football, and more turkey,  but for me this is the time of the year I make my annual pilgrimage to the greatest show on earth—The Texas Renaissance Festival! In one place you’ll find all the costumes, role playing, music, fire, food, ale, mead, turkey legs, and more than one could ever imagine (only if such an imagination is great and creative)!

Since I can’t completely “turn it off” regarding work, and after regaling my new medieval brothers and sisters from yonder worlds of yore, I realized they have it figured out re happiness, and believe it or not, success to whatever extent one judges success. Simply put, they are “All In” and as such, there are things we can learn and apply to our daily lives at the castle or the place of plunder (work).

Here we go:

  • Dress to Impress – Each person dresses the part in a manner that makes you believe they are completely “in” regarding the characters they portray.
  • Happy – Yes, the ale and mead may help but show me a person at a Renaissance Fair who isn’t smiling, and I’ll show you someone who will be sent to the gallows.
  • Knowledgeable – Yes, sometimes the depths they go regarding what they know about the role and world they play can be disturbing to us mere mortals, but you discover when talking to them that very few could top these people in their chosen area or in many cases realms.
  • Money – I smite Disney Land/World for no place can fleece thou of your hard-earned silver. You’ll find overpriced ale/mead, trinkets, tattoos that go away in 24 hours, and tips for everything as well at the Renaissance Festival, but it’s presented in a manner where you really do not feel fleeced and are glad to oblige.

Think About It

Do you see how some of these traits can apply to your daily lives at home or work? I am not saying you should change into a Pirate/Barbarian/Warlock/Alien Doctor and go to the office, but the commitment to the Renaissance role these people convey can be applied to your own wonderful lives. With that, I bid thee farewell!


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  1. Well said… i wish everyone thought about things that make them happy. Thanks for sharing


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