Message from the CEO | First National Title Celebrates 8th Anniversary in 2019

04 Jan

Message from the CEO | First National Title Celebrates 8th Anniversary in 2019

First National Title Insurance Company (FNTI) will celebrate its eighth anniversary in March 2019. I cannot believe how quickly eight years has passed and how rewarding it is to see the results of our team’s efforts. It was another year of revenue and staff growth. We added ten new team members last year–many have been introduced to you in this very Blog.  Our investments in staff included a new education director; Florida legal counsel; Florida agency representative; title plant staff in Texas, Florida and Arizona; and support staff to keep everything running smoothly. It is exciting to see these new team members bring their individual strengths to FNTI and contribute to the overall success of the company. 

I am proud of every one of our employees and am confident they are all focused on your needs and are working together to make you more successful.   

Our goal for 2018 was to become your resource for education and training for both your employees and your clients. And our team succeeded in delivering an incredible number of educational opportunities to both.  George Stablein’s recent Blog listed the variety of programs presented, but I want to recap it again:

  • 104 Realtor seminars for credit.
    • Attended by 1,533 Realtors.
  • 38 Realtor lunch and learns – no credit.
  • 2,287 hours of on-demand education offered in conjunction with TLTA.
  • 12 monthly FNTI webinars.
    • 1,207 attendees.
  • 4 Podcasts.
    • 219 listeners downloaded the program.

FNTI cares about education, and it shows in the increased volume of seminars and events presented in 2018. 

I can’t even begin to estimate the volume of e-mails, calls, and personal visits our underwriting team deals with in a year’s time. But I know this–the legal team is wired to help you solve your problems, answer your questions, and get your transactions closed. This is an experienced team with each possessing a unique set of skills to help you deal with your day-to-day underwriting challenges. They understand your business and are committed to delivering the responses you need to close transactions.  Please take a few minutes to get to know this group of professionals–you will be glad you did.

Our growing agency staff is your connection to FNTI.  They are the relationship builders and the key to our motto of doing business with “those you know, like, and trust.” With over 120 agents in four states, the agency team is constantly on the move. They are looking for ways to help you grow your business and earn your trust. Last year was a record year of revenues and there are big goals set for 2019. One area that was very successful in 2018, and which we continue to expand, is our title production operation.  We are now able to provide title evidence in Texas, Florida, and Arizona.   This option allows our agents to use FNTI to support their title departments, which is a cost savings. Our experienced staff is based locally in each state and has the capacity to handle your examination needs. Contact your agency representative for more details.

What do the next eight years look like for FNTI?  I am not sure, but let’s find out together.

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