Message from the CEO | FNTI Gross Revenue Exceeds $115M Due to Independent Agent Growth in 2018

08 Feb

Message from the CEO | FNTI Gross Revenue Exceeds $115M Due to Independent Agent Growth in 2018

The results are in for 2018, and it was another year of steady growth and strong financial results for First National Title Insurance Company (FNTI).  With a year over year growth rate of 18%, we surpassed $100M in gross revenues and established a record setting $115M in revenues for 2018.  In three short years, we have more than doubled our business. 

Our results are directly tied to your success as an independent agent.  And as our industry evolves and consolidates the market into a few dominant large national underwriters, the independent agents need an ally.  A partner and resource to retain, maintain and expand your share of the business.   I hear stories every day from independent agents that have lost key escrow officers or entire offices to the mega underwriters.  How do you compete against the massive resources of these corporations?  I believe your entrepreneurial spirit is the only way you ultimately compete and win.  It is your ability to create a unique environment and defined culture to attract the best employees in the business.  And it is our responsibility as your partner and ally, to help you retain those employees by providing the tools and resources they need to compete.  Our team of dedicated professionals focus their efforts on you.  Whether it is educating your customers or your employees, or auditing your files for compliance, our director of education and quality assurance auditor are available to assist you.  FNTI’s experienced legal team has the knowledge and authority to find ways to get your transactions closed.  The sales team is motivated to find you solutions.  And our operations department is constantly looking for ways to make all interactions with FNTI easier, quicker and more accurate.  We have created a team based on our own unique environment and defined culture to be the best independent agent focused underwriter in the country. 

I am thankful for every one of our milestones and recognize that they are only possible because of the hard working independent agent family that chooses FNTI on a daily basis.   

Our company motto that we “…do business with those we know, like, and trust” still rings true.  It is a motto we live by.  We want you to know us, like us and especially trust us. 

We are all looking forward to another busy and prosperous year.  Let us help you compete and win in this changing market.

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