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05 Nov

DJ’s Motivational Mondays | Expectations

Everyone knows I am an avid golfer and wear colorful attire at times.  It was joked recently that I would show up to a hunt trip with a camo shirt and pink pants!  That could happen!   I love to get out and play golf when I travel and recently I played with Bruce Martinez,

10 Sep

DJ’s Motivational Mondays | Vitamin C – Commitment

In the last couple of months, I have encouraged readers of “Motivational Monday” on resilient sales and persistent sales with both involve one important “Vitamin C”—Commitment.  No, this is not a blog about title commitments.  It is about the state or quality of being 100% dedicated to the sale, cause, activity, or person.  Unfortunately, due

13 Aug

DJ’s Motivational Mondays | Persistent Sales

At the end of last month’s “Resilient Sales” blog, I talked about when you don’t get the sale. You need to make a plan, move on to the next deal, and then revisit the lost sale again later.  Revisiting the lost sale later will require some persistence, no matter how many times it takes.  In

09 Jul

“DJ’s Motivational Mondays | Resilient Sales

So many people think that sales is easy, and in some ways it can be.  The hardest part about sales is when you don’t get the deal.  How resilient you are determines how successful you can be.  Resilience is the ability to withstand or recover from difficult situations.  No one likes to be in a

11 Jun

DJ’s Motivational Mondays | What a Great Team!

I recently read a quote by Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist for Salesforce, addressing respect and trust within a team.  “We are not a team because we work together.  We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.” I have been on many teams in my lifetime, sports and in business. 

07 May

DJ’s Motivational Mondays | Focus

I was having a hard time with my iPhone recently with the pictures I was taking. They were not in focus and so blurry I could barely make out who was in the picture. Seems all I needed was a hard start of my phone to fix the problem. The problem in our title business

05 Feb

DJ’s Motivational Mondays | Why We Love Our Work!

It’s February when love is in the air and hearts and chocolates fill the stores. This makes me think of everything I love—my wife, son, parents, friends, and family. Do we love our jobs? I think for most of us, absolutely! We help people secure the titles to their homes, which to a majority of