FNTI Educational Seminars Contribute to Gracefully Strong Success

03 Jan

FNTI Educational Seminars Contribute to Gracefully Strong Success

As many of you know, First National Title (FNTI) stays busy throughout the year presenting Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) continuing education seminars to our agents’ Realtors.  This program has been in place for a few years and several hundred seminars have been presented during this time.  We select a charity each year to receive the course fees that are not designated to an agent’s charity.  This year’s FTNI charity is Gracefully Strong, which is an educational program for young girls to develop goals, communication skills, and learn their worth and value as individuals. 

Gracefully Strong was created by Heather Stark, a certified school counselor and teacher in Texas.  She holds a bachelor of arts degree in psychology, a master of education degree in school counseling, and is trained in crisis management.  Heather has been recognized in publications in the Parker County and Fort Worth areas for the empowering work she has done with young girls in the Metroplex. 

Heather designed Gracefully Strong as an eight-week education program for young girls in the fourth through eighth grades to promote confidence and self-acceptance.  The hands-on activities are designed to empower each girl and promote a healthy body image and self-worth.  The program features Empowerment Conferences to teach the girls these qualities. 

Through November, FNTI has presented more than 100 TREC seminars in 2018 and collected nearly $7,400 in course fees that have been donated to Gracefully Strong.  “We are so thankful for your monthly donations, said Heather Stark.  “In September, we hosted a Girls Empowerment Conference and your donations helped us give scholarships to two families and paid for overhead.” 

FNTI is happy to contribute these seminar course fees to the success of the Gracefully Strong program for girls. If you have a worthy cause that you’d like us to consider as our spotlight charity, contact April Roberts at april.roberts@fnti.com.

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