DJ’s Motivational Mondays | Words at Valentines

11 Feb

DJ’s Motivational Mondays | Words at Valentines

Valentine’s Day is in a couple of days which means lots of loving words within cards and candy boxes will be given.  But do we know anything about the man, St. Valentine?  Around the year 265 AD there was an emperor named Claudias who had an edict that soldiers should not marry because they fought better when they were not married.  St. Valentine married them anyway in the church.  He was captured and prisoned.   While in prison there is a legend about one of the men who was to judge him, Asterius.  Asterius had a daughter who was blind and Valentine, according to the story, prayed with her and cured her of her blindness.  When Valentine was sentenced to a horrible three-part execution he wrote Asterius’ daughter a love letter and signed it “from your Valentine.”

Words are so important and yet sometimes so flippantly used.  They can tear someone down so much quicker than they can build someone up.  Words used even in correction must obtain something positive. This month as we observe Valentine’s Day, may we all think about our words we use and how each one will make someone feel. 

Happy Valentine’s Everyone.

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