George’s Update | Practice

27 Mar

George’s Update | Practice

“The getting ready, the rehearsal, is better than the show.” – David Lee Roth

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.” – Gandhi

“We’re talking about practice!” – Allen Iverson

“A day you do something can never be taken from you, but a day you do nothing, you can never get back.” – G. Howard Stablein

We close deals, examine title, handle escrows, bring in business, champion our industry, handle claims and everything else in between. That’s the business we chose.

But before you get to the final event, or as Diamond Dave says, “The Show,” it takes a ton of practice, education, preparation, and the like to make the final outcome awesome.

To get to the “Show,” ask yourself this question:  “How does my underwriter…?”

  • Help me underwrite my transactions in an expedient, non-condescending, and options-providing way?
  • Help me by providing title work in an expedient, cost-effective, and professional manner, both in content and customer service?
  • Help me provide education to my team, me, and my customers in a professional, entertaining, and easy-to-use manner?
  • Help me sponsor events that allow me to allocate resources in other ways for the betterment of my company?

After you have gone thru this process, let me know if there is anything we can do better to help you prepare for “The Show!”


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