Message from the CEO | First National’s Growing Legal Team and Title Plant Operations

05 Apr

Message from the CEO | First National’s Growing Legal Team and Title Plant Operations

Last week we announced the addition of William “Chance” Perkins as the newest member of First National Title Insurance Company’s (FNTI) legal team.  That was a very important announcement for a couple of reasons. It signified that our consistent and steady growth over the past seven years has allowed us to anticipate the needs of our customers/agents and react appropriately.  With five full time underwriting attorneys in Texas and one in Florida, we have one of the most accessible, responsive and experienced underwriting staffs of any underwriter our size. Secondly, it demonstrates our commitment to you. Your success depends upon your ability to close transactions. Our legal team, as well as the rest of the FNTI staff are dedicated to being the resource you need to get those deals closed. 

We are excited to have Chance join our underwriting staff and offer his expertise on residential and commercial transactions. He will also be available to use his presentation skills to educate our agents as well as their clients in the real estate industry. We will continue to add staff to FNTI in areas that benefit the independent agents, so please look forward to future announcements. 

Also, a year ago I announced the expansion of FNTI’s title plant operations in Texas to include the 33 most populous counties in the state.  Since then, we have added five more counties in Texas and two states.  We now offer title services in Florida and Arizona.

We established these title production centers to give our independent agents the tools they need to grow their business.  First National Title Insurance Company can be your title production partner. We are available to support your overflow orders and ease your title production stress. 

If the current level of business you experienced during the first quarter is any indication of the upcoming busy summer months, you will need some help. First National Title Insurance Company is prepared and ready to help you through this surge.

To get started, simply contact your agency representative for a complete explanation of our pricing, processes and the counties we service.  

We look forward to being your title partner and providing services that will truly benefit you. Our company motto that we “do business with those we know, like, and trust” still rings true.  It is a motto we live by.  We want you to know us, like us and especially trust us.

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