DJ’s Motivational Mondays | An Inspired Spirit

08 Apr

DJ’s Motivational Mondays | An Inspired Spirit

Many followers of this blog are aware I had a surgery in March to repair and fuse three vertebra in my neck.  The recovery has been great and my doctor is encouraged by my progress.  Leading up to and even directly after the surgery, my spirit was a little broken, and if you know me at all, I am a spirited person.  I am a go-getter and fight for my friends and family.  For me to admit that my spirit was even fractionally broken is not easy.  When the doctor mapped out the surgery and all he was going to do, I felt lost.  I can remember saying to my wife, “They are going to do what?”   You can imagine my animation. 

So many of you—my family, wife, son, friends, co-workers, and partners I work with regularly in the title industry—have inspired and encouraged me.  I have also been inspired by athletes who have had this surgery and those who have been through far more than me, like the 2019 Masters Champion from just this past weekend, Tiger Woods.  I am so grateful for everyone’s inspiration.

I recently wrote about the power of words, and the encouraging words I’ve received have lifted me and pointed my head up.  That is where our heads should always be, looking up for opportunities to inspire and lift one another in good and tough times.  We may not think this does much, but it makes a difference and bit by bit makes the world a better place.

Radio DJ Kidd Kraddick had a saying at the end of his radio show that are good words to live by, “Keep looking up, cause that is where it all is!”  

Be inspiring!!

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