George’s Update | I

24 Apr

George’s Update | I

“There is no ‘I’ in team.” Anyone who coached youth sports knows this phrase.  It goes on to say, “There are only ‘us and we.’”

Heard by G.H Stablein Esq. J.D. at a bar at Arizona State University

Calvin Coolidge, our 30th president, made 22 speeches during his presidency. Those speeches created 52,094 words. In those speeches, President Coolidge used the word “I” only one time (and no he didn’t speak of himself in the third person).

It struck George (get it?) that we, in our chosen profession, cannot do anything alone.

When you remit your hard earned remittances to FNTI (by the way, we are on track for another record year thanks to all of you), George knows that dollar comes from:

  • The owner /management of our agent that signed FNTI and continues to promote us to their work family.
  • The title department that exams title at a level of superiority unrivaled.
  • The escrow team that closes the deals written on FNTI in a way that gives the public the one thing all strive for when being part of the American Dream—peace of mind.
  • The receptionist—the true point guard/quarterback of any operation.
  • The Keith Burches of Texas Title Company of El Paso, who does all things that need to be done, whatever the challenge.
  • The administrators who make sure all things operational are operational.
  • The sales team who goes out and gets the public to use your company, which in turn we reap a portion of these fruits.

So, no “I’s”—only “we’s!”

Thank you!


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