George’s Update | Howdy Friend

23 May

George’s Update | Howdy Friend

“As social animals, we need friends and what attracts them is trust.” – Dalai Lama

“People do business with those they know, like, and trust.”-First National Title Insurance Company

“We try to take a person from customer to partner to friend.” – George Howard Stablein Esq.

As the captain of our sales force, I am charged with leading our sales team, which is not that daunting of a task based on the talent of our team.

One thing I’ve found that sets us apart is the amount of touch points we have with friends—our FNTI agents. By touch point, I mean opportunities to interact with our agent family. I have listed examples of touch points below. Please take a look to see if you can relate to any of these as a positive experience:

  • Calls, emails, texts, etc., with our underwriting attorneys were you had a positive and timely experience.
  • Webinars or Podcasts that you were able to sit back, relax, enjoy, and have fun while listening to someone from FNTI.
  • An office visit with someone from FNTI that was fun, productive, and was of impeccable timing.
  • Our appearances and sponsorships of an event you were having.
  • A conversation with someone from FNTI concerning any matter where we helped out, even if it was just to lend an ear and listen to your issue.
  • Help from our Administration Team on some procedural matter that was bogging down your flow.
  • Speeches presented by someone at FNTI to either your team or your customers.

Now, do me a favor.  Let me know if you’ve had an experience mentioned above that was wonderful or maybe not so much.  If you haven’t already, let me know what we can do to get to know you better.


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