George’s Update | A Love Letter

19 Aug

George’s Update | A Love Letter

“Writer’s block—a  phrase that creates literary paralysis to all authors, and one I had until the last three days I spent in one of my two favorite towns—El Paso, Texas.  (My hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona is the other.)

Following the shootings on August 3, 2019, the citizens of El Paso had a huge part of their geographic and familial identity ripped from them based on circumstances outside their control in a way that most of us will never understand.  Despite this, they continue to have an unwavering trust in the decency of humans.

El Paso is a community:

  • Where the hugs are more heartfelt than anywhere else.
  • Where the laughs are deeper and ring from their souls.
  • Where the real estate dollar is one of the hardest to earn, but El Pasoans work as hard for it as anywhere I’ve been.
  • Where the smiles are 24/7 even when they don’t think anyone is watching.
  • Where there are more mamas’ boys and daddies’ girls than anywhere I can fathom.
  • Where no one is an outsider and everyone is a part of the family.

Personally, it’s the place I signed up my first agent.   I helped get his business started, and that mutual faith in each other is an example of this community’s spirit.

El Paso–We love you and are there for whatever you need.


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