22 Oct

TITLE TIPS: Protect Yourself from Cyberattacks – Terms to Know

Protect Yourself from Cyberattacks Every day there is another story in the news about cybersecurity threats, fraud, and the losses they incur.  Many of these are caused by phishing, but did you also know about spear phishing, whaling, vishing, or smishing?  It’s important to know the differences of these types of cyberattacks and how to

15 Oct

EDUCATION & TRAINING: Wire Transfer Fraud & Prevention

FRAUD Fraud comes in many forms, but the most common in our industry right now is CYBER FRAUD with outgoing wires. Know how to protect yourself and your clients. It has become more common and the fraudsters are getting better at it. WHAT IS CYBER FRAUD? Cyber fraud is when credit and financial information is criminally

12 Oct

AGENT SPOTLIGHT: Hill Country Titles, Inc.

Hill Country Titles Keeping It in the Family Gordon Sauer, founder and president of Hill Country Titles, Inc. in Fredericksburg, Texas, started practicing real estate transaction law in 1968 after graduating from St. Mary’s University School of Law.  He was told by his local banker and mentor that, “Every country lawyer needs to own an

05 Oct

Message from the CEO | First National Title on the Road

Prior commitments and obligations had prevented me from attending the Land Title Association of Arizona (LTAA) conference over the past couple of years, and I looked forward to reconnecting with our independent Arizona agents last week.  This year’s annual conference was held at the Ft. McDowell (WeKoPa) Resort and Casino on October 3-5.   The conference

26 Sep

Out & About | Legend Title and Abstract Celebrates its Tenth Year in Business

First National Title Company proudly supported a recent event commemorating the Tenth Anniversary of Legend Title and Abstract in Laredo, Texas.  Local real estate agents, attorneys, lenders and community leaders attended to show their support and to network with one another at the festive event. Hector Ramos, Executive Director, when asked what the secret of

19 Sep

Underwriting Q&A: The Grantor in the proposed insured transaction is a Trust. How does the Deed have to be prepared so that a title insurance policy can be issued?

Question: The Grantor in the proposed insured transaction is a Trust. How does the Deed have to be prepared so that a title insurance policy can be issued?   Answer:     Trusts establish a relationship between a person holding in interest in a property for the benefit of another person. The person who holds the interest

14 Sep

AGENT SPOTLIGHT: Greystone Title Agency

Choosing the right title company is key to a successful stress-free closing. Choosing the right escrow officer to guide you through this process to provide answers, assistance, and results is just as important. Greystone Title Agency, this month’s “Agent Spotlight,” is committed to providing excellent customer service. Its escrow officers are experienced in all facets

10 Sep

DJ’s Motivational Mondays | Vitamin C – Commitment

In the last couple of months, I have encouraged readers of “Motivational Monday” on resilient sales and persistent sales with both involve one important “Vitamin C”—Commitment.  No, this is not a blog about title commitments.  It is about the state or quality of being 100% dedicated to the sale, cause, activity, or person.  Unfortunately, due