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22 Oct

TITLE TIPS: Protect Yourself from Cyberattacks – Terms to Know

Protect Yourself from Cyberattacks Every day there is another story in the news about cybersecurity threats, fraud, and the losses they incur.  Many of these are caused by phishing, but did you also know about spear phishing, whaling, vishing, or smishing?  It’s important to know the differences of these types of cyberattacks and how to

23 Jan

TITLE TIPS: Going Native, Going to School, and Going into the New Year

0 Hello again fellow title insurance enthusiast! It’s been awhile–I know–but y’all, it felt like I went native and pulled a Burt Macklin at FNTI. Who is Burt Macklin you may ask? None other than Andy Dwyer’s super-intense-FBI persona who goes full throttle into his work (yes, I’m continuing with the Parks and Rec. analogies–that’s

27 Jun

Mom! What’s Title Insurance? And What in the World is an Underwriter?!

For those of you that have never bought property (like myself), you’ve probably never heard the term title insurance or underwriter – I hadn’t, but guess what?! I happen to be working for a title insurance underwriting company. Now, what does that mean for me? Other than PCF (permanent-confused-face), I had to learn quickly the role my company plays