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20 May

Out and About: FNTI Presents “Talents and Tasks” in Castroville, Texas

April Roberts, Suzanne Tinsley and Chance Perkins recently traveled Castroville to provide an education program for the staff of Garner Abstract. Suzanne presented a segment on team building through personality profiling, April talked about processes, while Chance concluded the sessions with training on examination. If you are interested in having an educational event with your

22 Apr

2nd Quarter Deadlines to Remember for 2019!

APRIL  Payroll reporting to federal and state • 940 (payment only, if any) • 941 (forms only – if payments made timely) • TWC (forms and payment)  Sales tax reporting (monthly and quarterly filers) – due April 20  Report to underwriters of March closings with $  Deposit into solvency account, if

04 Jan

Message from the CEO | First National Title Celebrates 8th Anniversary in 2019

First National Title Insurance Company (FNTI) will celebrate its eighth anniversary in March 2019. I cannot believe how quickly eight years has passed and how rewarding it is to see the results of our team’s efforts. It was another year of revenue and staff growth. We added ten new team members last year–many have been introduced to you

15 Nov

EDUCATION & TRAINING: Friendly Upcoming Reminders!

Just a few friendly reminders for November and December items due. Please feel free to reach out to us for any questions you may have! NOVEMBER Sales tax reporting – due Nov. 20 Report to underwriters of October closings with $ TDI Form T–S5 quarterly withholding tax report – due Nov. 15 DECEMBER Sales tax

13 Aug

LATEST NEWS: FNTI Announces April Roberts to the team as VP, Agency Services & Director of Education & Training

LATEST NEWS: FNTI Announces April Roberts to the team as Vice President, Agency Services & Director of Education & Training   “Now, more than ever, the complexities and regulatory environment of our industry requires an enormous amount of training and education to remain compliant and current on the latest issues. When combined with the fact